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Vaccinated players won’t need frequent COVID-19 testing this season

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The NBA has just announced they any player, coach, or staff who is fully vaccinated will no longer need to go through the extensive rapid testing program like last year.

Anyone who is still not vaccinated will have to be subject to testing before every practice, before travel, and twice on game days. They’ll also have to still wear masks indoors, including in arenas and practice facilities. The league still hasn’t determined if unvaccinated players will have to be tested on off-days – but expect a decision on that before the season starts.

The comes on the heels of the NBA announcement, that unvaccinated players wont even be able to enter the facilities of teams in markets that have local health regulations in place prohibiting unvaccinated people from indoor large-scale gatherings. This means even if a star player on any team remains unvaccinated, when that team travels to play the Nets, for example, they wont even be allowed in the building, let alone play in that game. Who knows, could work out well for the Nets and Warriors depending on who gets vaccinated.

Rules and guidelines are moving fast in anticipation of the upcoming season, and surely more changes will be announced before then so watch this space.

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